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Export log data and dashboards
Export log data and dashboards

This tutorial will show you options to export your data easily

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You can easily share your findings from Coralogix - whether its raw log data or your Kibana dashboards, your data export is a click away.

Exporting reports from Kibana

Log aggregations found in Kibana dashboards and data tables can sometimes interest other colleagues. Using Coralgix's version of Kibana, you can easily export Kibana Dashboards to PDF, just go to your Kibana Dashboard and click on 'Export to PDF':

Alternatively, if you only need to share a specific data table, Kibana offers this out of the box. Click the "Edit" button at the top of your dashboard, then at the bottom of your table visualization you can find the export option:

Exporting raw log records

If you need to share logs found in a Log Query, you can use the 'Export View' button to download the logs you've already viewed in the current context. Click on the 3 dots near the 'GO' button --> Export View, choose your desired format CSV or JSON, name your file and click export:

Note that you should load each page, you want to export, separately in order to export several pages:

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