Coralogix rest API
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Coralogix exposes an API that allows you to send your logs from basically anywhere, here is how:


Endpoint Details:


https://api.Cluster URL/api/v1/logs

HTTP Method




Account Url Ending with .us

Account Url Ending with .com

Account Url Ending with .in

*We recommend sending logs in "bulks" or "batches" to minimize network calls.

**If you are using Ajax (or similar technology) you might need to send the data with JSON.stringify())

You can group logs from the same application, subsystem, and computer under a single API call using the "logEntries" property.

Note that the API is limited to a message size of 2MB which is approximately 3000 medium-sized logs.



Coralogix rest API implementation Example:

           "privateKey": "",
           "applicationName": "*insert desired application name*",
           "subsystemName": "*insert desired subsystem name*",
           "computerName": "*insert computer name*",
           "logEntries": [
               "timestamp": 1457827957703.342,
               "severity": 4,
               "text": "Encountered an error while registering the user john123",
               "category": "DAL",
               "className": "UserManager",
               "methodName": "RegisterUser",
               "threadId": "a-352"
               "timestamp": 1457827957703.342,
               "severity": 3,
               "text": "{\"key1\":\"val1\",\"key2\":\"val2\",\"key3\":\"val3\",\"key4\":\"val4\"}",
               "category": "DAL",
               "className": "UserManager",
               "methodName": "RegisterUser",
               "threadId": "a-352"

** If you are sending a JSON payload note that you should escape it like in the above example and then insert it into the text field (text field should be sent as string)

** Make sure you use UTC time in milliseconds


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