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New Error and Critical logs anomaly
New Error and Critical logs anomaly

This tutorial will explain Coralogix's daily email report

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Coralogix’s, new error and critical logs anomaly use Coralogix’s ability to separate different logs into their original templates to alert our users in case a new Error / Critical log occurred in their system.

After 5 days of learning all the system’s logs and flows, Coralogix starts to send a daily digest with all the new Error and Critical logs that occurred in the system for the first time in the past 2 weeks and a list of the top 10 errors for the past day.

The most common use case for this feature is for our customers to verify a new deployment did not cause any new Errors/Exceptions/Critical logs without investing a single minute. All they have to do is simply wait for the daily digest email the day after the upgrade and understand the deployment status.
 From that email, our users can navigate to the system itself and view the detected logs one by one or all together in Coralogix’s aggregated view – Loggregation©.

 Each Coralogix user will get the following mail on a daily basis.

As you can see, the email has the date of the digested day, a link to view all the list in a single aggregated view, the list of the new Error and Critical logs plus their application and subsystem. And a link to each one of the logs to be viewed separately on Coralogix’s interface.

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