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Notifications Preferences
Notifications Preferences

This tutorial will show you how to modify your In-mail notifications from Coralogix

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This post will help you manage your notification preferences in order to get the relevant emails for you.

Enable/Disable Notifications


when creating an alert, in the 'Notification definition' section, under  'Destinations' you define who will receive a notification once the alert is triggered. You can add/subtract addressee by its email address on the left or choose a webhook integration from the drop-down on the right (if any webhook integration was defined beforehand).

Newly detected error and flow anomaly reports

To view your error anomaly and flow anomaly notifications settings go to 'settings' --> 'Notifications'. As a default option, all team members receive both reports from all applications and subsystems:

You can add a filter in order to receive a notification customed to you based on the application/subsystem that of interest to you:

If you wish to receive none of these notifications you can uncheck both checkboxes:

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